Revolutionize Your Homecare Management with the Next Generation of Homecare Software powered by AI

Waiver Programs

Built for the booming managed care homecare market of complex state waiver programs

Private Pay

PATTI2 works with ALL business lines including private pay, VA, adult day health care and more!


PATTI2 can bill private insurance, including complex billing forms and rules!

A True AI Homecare Solution

It takes decades to understand the intricate home care market, and we have that experience. When we layered the needs of homecare agencies on top of the regulatory requirements, we integrated AI into our system to ensure nothing gets overlooked!

PATTI2 automates even the most complex billing, ensuring total compliance with all program, billing, and reporting rules. It's all about the details. Sleep at night, knowing you can withstand any audit! Be confident your employees are getting paid correctly!

Billing - Payroll - Scheduling - Authorizations - Documentation

Smart Automation Can Make Life Easy

The key is to implement systems that allow you to manage by exception. You should only ever have to touch the problem visits that fall outside the payer's parameters, such as missing clock-ins or clock-outs, services that don't match a client's plan of care, or falls outside an authorization. Smart systems track all those things and more. Smart systems don't let you make costly mistakes that can work their way into common daily routines. PATTI2 is a smart system!

  • All forms of state-compliant EVV (GPS mobile app, telephony, and FOBs)

  • Smart, simple native mobile app for Android and iPhone, or web app

  • Fully automated revenue cycle management

  • Complete accounts receivable system

  • Manage visits and claims with full adjustment capability

  • Integrates smoothly with all state aggregator systems

  • Smart Compliance Management System for waiver and other programs

  • AI-powered automatic scheduling assures 100% matching of services to authorizations

  • Intelligent contact management

  • Recruitment & retention programs integrated

  • Smart payroll computation and EZ Payroll Connect to most payroll systems

  • Simple data conversion from other systems - fast startup

  • Easy to learn - simple to use, with fully integrated help

  • Add feature here!


Since its inception over a decade ago, the PATTI system has provided unmatched value and functionality to many home care agencies. It is what has made us the preferred vendor to providers in many areas across the US.

PATTI2 follows this tradition, offering state-of-the-art functionality at pricing that always assures value. No two providers are the same, different numbers of offices and staff sizes, different job descriptions, different management and supervision structures, different payers and jurisdictional models, and so on.

To maximize value to our customers, we build custom pricing models for each client agency based around their unique operational model. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and build a quotation for you. Please send us a message (below) and we will get back to you promptly.


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